We were delighted last week to present several members of our Wild Ways Well Tuesday group with their John Muir Awards. These hard-earned awards recognise people’s commitment to the environment and they fit perfectly with our own programme.

To earn their award everyone has committed at least four days effort, and met four challenges: Discover, Explore, Conserve, Share. They’re not just given to anyone!

We made a day of it with a celebration event complete with campfire bread and freshly foraged nettle soup. Everyone had a great time and there is a real feel of friendships having been made both within the group, and between them and the Cumbernauld Living Landscape team.

Over the time we’ve been working together there’s been a noticeable improvement in everyone’s confidence and wellbeing, we’ve had a lot of fun and hopefully we’ve helped make great memories. A big well done to everyone involved.

There will be another momentous occasion for Wild Ways Well, on Saturday 7 July we will be having our first weekend session. We’ll be in Cumbernauld Glen Wildlife Reserve spotting nature on a walk around this ancient woodland.

Afterwards we’ll have a base in a woodland clearing where we’ll try putting up forest shelters and stringing up hammocks. We’ll have a relaxing chat over a cup of tea made on an outdoor kettle and find out what everyone’s interests are, and then we’ll have a choice between trying out some environmental art or learning a bit about wildlife, and how we can help nature through citizen science.

The Wild Ways Well project is aimed at anyone who feels they could benefit from a boost to their mental well-being. Sessions are free but booking is essential. If you’d like to take part get in touch with us through the website, on our Facebook page, or call me on 01236 617113.

Paul Barclay, Community Networks Officer


Paul Barclay