Our volunteer blogger Josh spotted an awesome deer this week!

“Its getting harder and harder to get out during the week due to the cold weather and dark nights. Luckily when wrapped up on the weekend I spotted two deer in the forest. It’s not an unusual sight for me but it’s still a thrill every time I see them, especially when I get this good a photo.
The roe deer that live in in Cumbernauld have lost lots of their forest in the past few years. In the photo you may notice the nice brown colour of the roe deer’s coat. However, throughout the year their coat changes colour. In summer it is a rusted red and in the winter it is much duller grey colour.
Usually when out walking the first thing that catches my eye is the small white patch prancing among the trees. Interestingly, roe deer don’t have tails; the white patch you see if a tuft of hair. Only the males have small antlers, when these are fully grown they have three points. These antlers are not smooth but pearled, covered in lots of bumps. Both male and female deer make dog- like barking noises when distressed. So when out trying to find your bucks or does, look for the tuft and remember to be: quiet, polite, gentle and do not bring a dog. “
Deer © Josh Chambers

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