It’s time to reconsider our relationship with nettles

Nettles get a bad rap. Everybody has a story of getting a painful sting from them. We’re all too familiar with the horrible, lingering, pulsating, annoying sensation after you brush past their leaves. But, I’m about to rock the boat by saying that we should be encouraging more nettles into our lives. These are plants that truly deserve a reappraisal

Discovering the Living Landscapes in Cumbernauld

When I was asked which environmental organisations I would like to visit as part of my internship, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Living Landscapes Project were definitely on my list. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn more about the work of one of Scotland’s most important conservation NGOs. I am originally from Hanover, Germany, where I

Why robins are not just for Christmas

As I was recycling this year’s batch of lovely Christmas cards I started to wonder why so many of them have robins on them. Is it because my friends know I have a soft spot for wildlife or were they just on sale? What did robins have to do with Christmas anyway? After bit of research, I found it all

Guest Blog – Chris Simpson from Informed Tree Services

Chris Simpson is the Managing Director of Informed Tree Services and does much of his work providing training in tree and woodland management within Cumbernauld. We invited Chris in for a Q&A about his work.     What does your job involve? I organise and deliver training courses, and assessments, for candidates looking to learn forestry and tree surgery skills.

Restoring ancient woodland

Tim Hall, Head of Operations at the Woodland Trust Scotland, takes a journey through Scotland's ancient woodlands and highlights the importance of restoring this incredible habitat. This was recently published in the Scottish Wildlife Trusts, 50 for the Future blog, listing 50 things that they believe should happen in Scotland over the next 50 years to benefit both people and wildlife. 

Re-booting Ravenswood Marsh Conservation Group

Ravenswood Marsh is a beautiful area of Cumbernauld that used to have an active ‘Friends of Group’ that enjoyed, protected and promoted it.  However, after the recent folding of Seafar and Ravenswood Community Council, interest in the group has fallen away.  Luckily, local Carrick Crawford is regenerating interest in this superb place and explains his plans for this year in the following blog.