Cumbernauld Living Landscape’s amazing volunteers are out once again helping to manage and improve local greenspaces. You might even have seen our Nature Ninjas in Ravenswood Local Nature Reserve last week, working away in the blazing sunshine.

Our first task was improving the access ways around the park. This included cutting back some of the over-hanging long grass and the jaggy hawthorn branches on the path. These features have made it difficult to use the access ways around the reserve. We also carried out a large litter pick on the burn that cuts through the reserve; picking out old cans and bottles while also taking away the broken glass.

Our volunteers also cut back the birch trees which are regenerating on the peat bog. Healthy bogs are wet places but this unwanted tree growth acts to dry out the peat, releasing harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that contributes to climate change. It’s no exaggeration to say we were helping to save the planet!

The bog is hugely important for local wildlife as well as the global climate. The volunteers particularly enjoyed seeing many of the creatures that live there. We delighted in spotting beautiful dragonflies and butterflies of all colours that call the reserve home, darting about in the glare of the sun. We also saw lots of frogs and toads, happily hopping about in the marshy ponds.

Volunteering with us is not only good for the town’s greenspaces, it’s good for you too. You can get a good work out without paying for a gym membership. It’s also a great excuse to take time away from your worries and just enjoy being out in nature.

If you are interested in exploring and helping Cumbernauld’s amazing greenspaces you can get in touch through our social media channels, or email me at d.walsh@tcv.org.uk.

David Walsh, Volunteer Coordinator 

Cumbernauld LL