The Nature Ninjas will be making an appearance at St Maurice’s Pond this coming Sunday 6th May. These intrepid volunteers can be found on the first Sunday of every month in reserves, and parks all over the town giving up their time, energy and skills for nature. Despite what Hollywood might tell you a Ninja comes in all shapes and sizes and all ages 8+ are welcome. Nature in Cumbernauld needs help, it doesn’t worry overly much about who comes out to help it! Last month the Ninjas conducted a hugely successful litterpick in Seafar woods – which was then further boosted by the Wild Ways Well group who went in a couple of weeks later and hauled out even more rubbish.

This month we’ll be at St Maurice’s Pond where we’ll tidy up the orchard we planted last year, sow some wildflower seeds, litter pick and help install interpretation boards. There will be a job for everyone no matter their experience so please put on some outdoor shoes, dress sensibly for the weather and come out and join us! Drop us an email, give us a call or find us on Facebook to let us know you’re coming and we’ll make sure there are hot drinks and cakes for everyone to help them recover their energy.

You never know what you’ll see outdoors, this week the Wild Ways Well group were trying sound mapping in the woods. This activity involves sitting quietly listening to the sounds around us – we got more than we bargained for when a Roe Deer, no doubt confused why we were sitting so quietly, walked right through the centre of our group! Nature is amazing and sights like these are right on the doorsteps of anyone prepared to step outside with us and go looking.


Paul Barclay,

Community Networks Officer

Paul Barclay