The spate of heavenly weather we have been having makes getting out for a walk all the more pleasant. Feeling the sun warm on your face and enjoying the tiniest of breezes is pure heaven!

Meadow of wildflowers © Paul Barclay
Meadow of wildflowers © Paul Barclay

On a recent walk I thought I would see how many wildflowers I could spot, to give me a feel for what creating more meadows through our new Cumbernauld Living Landscape initiative can do. I walked, I immediately started to spot the wildflowers growing in amongst the buttercups and grasses.

As I listed off the number of wildflowers I could see, I was amazed to count at least 40 different species. But when I said to a fellow canine personal trainer “isn’t the meadow looking lovely?” the reply came in a questionable tone, “what the buttercups?” I spoke of all the different wildflowers I had come across and my dog walking compatriot thought I was nuts. Challenge accepted!

I took her for a walk through the meadow and started to show her the different flowers – she was stunned, so I was happy! Because the field was covered in golden buttercups she hadn’t been able to look deeper, but once we started to explore the field she began to get excited about adding a gorgeous purple marsh orchid to the list. Perfection in its tiny form, the florets having just burst forth.

This experience made me think about how we connect with nature and each other. When we just skim the surface we don’t really connect and the moment is fleeting. But look deeper and we begin to experience new wonders, skills, knowledge, emotions and a greater connection, not only with wildlife but also with other people.

Tracy Lambert