Over the summer I’ve had the pleasure of working with around 60 children transitioning from Primary 7 to first year through the brilliant Home School Partnership Officers (worth their weight in gold) at Greenfaulds and St Maurice’s High. The children were out pond dipping, insect hunting, scavenger hunting and making smores or tea in nature reserves in the town, and they loved it. I hope to extend this to the two other high schools in the town next year!


Summer School with St Maurices
Summer School with St Maurices

It got me thinking back to when I was just starting high school: the thoughts and feelings that were rushing through my head at the time, and how I learned to cope with it all. With schools starting back this week the students are getting ready for more than just education.

For many it is a time of making new friendships. Some will last a lifetime, others fleeting but it is these experiences which shape them up to become the adults of the future. It’s a time for getting lost in new surroundings, learning how to map out the school building to get to subjects and—let’s be honest— break times and lunch quicker.

Ultimately it’s a time for learning: what new subjects do I like, not like? How do I fit in to this new world? How do I get out of PE? Now I know that last one made you laugh, but not all children learn the same way and those who aren’t suited to the current academic model have a tough time during their high school life. The best thing to do is find out what works for your child, listen to their successes and their gripes and seek alternatives that may help. You never know you just might come across the Cumbernauld Living Landscape’s education programme while you’re looking!

Tracy Lambert