I can’t help it. I always find beauty in nature, or rather it finds me! What has been soul-lifting these last weeks have been the skies! They were well worth stepping out of the path and away from the skyscrapers: dramatic and full of contrasts, from the darkest of the darker shades intermingled with different and lighter shades of greys, miraculous and dazzling rays of the low-lying sun, pastel blue patches playing with careless scarves of pink in the cold mornings.

Looking down and closer to earth, on a recent Wild Ways Well session we enjoyed meeting the trees in a totally different way. We looked at how to identify trees in the winter by examining trunks and reaching out for buds! We got right into that guessing game. It was a bit like meeting an introverted individual who is not giving out too much.

Finally, while we are all getting ready for some time off, we can follow the trees’ attitude and give ourselves an inwards look. With longer nights, nature is inviting us to sleep longer. While it might not be the time to materialise anything due to the lack of solar energy it might be the ideal time to dream. Oh, but is that not something we have been told not to indulge in? Something we cannot incorporate into our realistic goals? Dreaming is natural and healthy; it does not replace action, but it is an important part in our life. It is the expression of who we are. And it is the first materialisation of what we may well do in the future!

Wild Ways Well is back on the week starting 7 January. If you would like more information on how to get involved, please visit the Cumbernauld Living Landscape website or our Facebook page.

Claire Bailly

Cumbernauld LL