Cumbernauld is an incredibly green place and most people live within ten minutes of the town’s reserves and parks. There is so much to explore, so why not start today?


Glencryan Wood

Managed by North Lanarkshire Council, this mixed woodland features ancient trees alongside invasive sitka spruce. The land has a mining history and is also the site of one of Cumbernauld’s lowland raised bog habitats, with a number of ponds ideal for wildlife-watching. The woodland is a haven for insects such as hawk moths. Pine martens, once persecuted to near-extinction, are

Ravenswood Local Nature Reserve (LNR)

Managed by North Lanarkshire Council, Ravenswood is a rich mosaic of open marsh, meadow, grassland, wildlife ponds and woodland. You can spot wildlife all year-round including insects, song birds, diving birds and mammals. There is an ‘outdoor classroom’ at the main entrance, created by our Nature Ninjas and Wild Ways Well participants.   Highlights Listen for the cry of buzzards

Cumbernauld House Park

Cumbernauld House Park is a 19-hectare park, mainly conserved to its informal original layout, with sloping and flat areas of grassland and footpaths around the perimeter. It hosts a number of ancient specimen trees, which provide homes for hundreds of species of wildlife from invertebrates to mammals. Spectacular views as far as the Campsie Fells and Ochil hills can be