Not so fantastic plastic

If you’re a nature lover like me then you were probably glued to your TV during Blue Planet 2. The new findings from this series have been incredible, from attaching cameras to whale-sharks to help find where they give birth to their pups, to the first ever footage of an amazing fish that preys on seabirds. However, the last show of the series left me sad and disappointed that we are still causing no end of harm to our oceans with an increasing tide of plastic finding its way into the sea. You may think here in Cumbernauld that we are miles away from this problem, but sadly that’s not the case. Every day wet wipes, cotton-buds and all manner of plastics and other waste are either flushed down toilets, dropped as litter, or deliberately fly-tipped in towns all over across Scotland including our own. Plastic waste takes a very long time to break down, and once it’s in the water its not difficult for it to make its way into the sea. There are some very simple ways to