Cumbernauld’s woods – badger territory! Photo by Katrina Martin

The sound of the motorway thunders in my ears and I imagine the cars moving up and down it. What are all those people thinking about as they drive past? Are they marvelling at the road itself, this miracle of human engineering?  Oh the wonders above, but what about the wonders below?

I chuckle as I move through the woods, wondering how many people know about the badger highway I’m currently following…I step on a branch and something rustles nearby, I look through the leaves of a beech tree to find a confused deer looking back at me. The roe stares for a moment, then as the wind drifts my distinctive aroma towards him, his head snaps up, he catches my scent  – and bye bye buckie!

I think again how without Cumbernauld Living Landscape I would never have found or known or cared about what beauty simply lay at my front door.

I think back to 6 months ago of that deep dark place I was in but force the thought away and take a deep breath and smile. I sit myself down and stare up towards the clear sky. There’s no noise now, the man-made wonders are gone, but this little patch of wonder below remains.

Gazing towards the badger sett I wonder if tonight is the night I see them for real, I make sure I’m downwind and far away, I don’t want to disturb, just share a moment. Then, as the sun begins to sneak behind the horizon, focused on the hole, I see the tossing of soil, is it? Could it be?

With badger week coming up, If you would like to part in Cumbernauld Living Landscape’s activities helping to preserve their habitat then get in touch via our website or facebook.

Grant Fleming

Volunteer Officer



Paul Barclay