Wild Ways Well

Spending time with nature improves wellbeing The Wild Ways Well project aims to demonstrate what most of us already know instinctively. Spending time outdoors, amongst nature, makes people feel better about themselves and their lives. Wild Ways Well aims to get people suffering from, or at risk of, poor mental health out into the greenspaces of Cumbernauld. Whilst out amongst the trees, parks and reserves participants get a chance to slow down, relax, enjoy being in the company of other like-minded people, and participate in a variety of environmental and conservation related activities designed to fit in with the Five Ways to Wellbeing. We’re offering a series of free sessions in Cumbernauld to give you a chance to test the Five Ways out for yourself and learn how you can bring nature into your daily life. Each session will involve a walk, a chance to chat over a hot drink and time to immerse yourself in a natural, environmental or conservation themed activity.   The Wild Ways Wild Ways Well is structured around the Five Ways to Wellbeing, an internationally