Fresh signs of pine marten in Cumbernauld

Recently Nature Ninja volunteer Ann Innes captured video of a pine marten in a woodland in Cumbernauld, it looks wonderfully healthy and it may be a female looking for a safe space to den and have her young in spring. We’ll be watching out for signs of these very cute kits! It is safe to say that the pine marten is at home here in the town. In 2013 a Scottish Wildlife Trust volunteer captured footage of one in another of the woodlands of Cumbernauld following on from a scat survey (where we look for pine marten poo) carried out by the Vincent Wildlife Trust. Both confirmed the presence of this beautiful creature and cameras were set up to determine if they were residents or just moving through. Over the years we have also conducted our own scat surveys in Cumbernauld and residents have also told me that they have either seen it or have noted the scat and asked about it. Pine martens, Martes martes, are mustelids related to ferrets and otters. They are easy to recognise with reddish-brown fur, a