Free Food!

Foraging for free food is becoming more and more popular. I should say it is making a comeback as it must have been commonly done just two generations ago or so before the spread of supermarkets. I am a great fan of it; it runs in my blood and many European natives might tell the same tale. My mum was recently sharing with me her memories of gathering a variety of wild flowers. I certainly have a love for lime blossom infusion from my native country. Foraging is part of our coming back to nature, and a way to reconnect to that ancient knowledge. However, there are some words of caution to anyone who want to go out there and enjoy a free tea. Firstly, I would watch where you are picking your plants. Some areas are heavily sprayed with pesticides. For that reason, I would avoid path borders. A more obvious one is to avoid picking anything below the height of the tallest dog! Also I would never eat any plant if I wasn’t 100% sure what it is,