The work never stops for our Nature Ninjas

This weekend on Sunday 3 March Cumbernauld Living Landscape has a volunteer day from 12-4pm at Cumbernauld Glen reserve, as part of our Creating Natural Connections project. Our Nature Ninja volunteers have a number of tasks to do this year, such as trimming back the snowberry, removing grass and overgrown weeds, and clearing leaves off the path. Keeping the path clear helps keep things safe for visitors and also shows off features such as the historic wall. We plan to cut back branches that are hanging over the fence and create small piles of habitat for nesting birds. Once the sap has risen in the hazel has risen we’ll be coppicing some of these trees – a traditional practice that spurs new growth and gives us material for wooden hurdles and other features. And, sadly, we always have a job to do to keep on top of litter. Volunteering is a great way to connect with the natural world. It’s a good excuse to get outdoors and get active, and there are few things as satisfying as enjoying a hot