Mindfulness matters

If the recipe for happiness was made of very simple things then one of the ingredients for happiness could well be a plain ‘thank you’. More and more studies confirm that showing gratitude in any shape or form increases our level of happiness. One doesn’t need to be religious or to pray as such for it to work. This thank you doesn’t even need to be directed at anybody. It can just be a simple thought acknowledging an appreciation for something in our everyday life. It might be someone’s nice words or smile, a beautiful flower in someone’s garden, or an attractive photo in a magazine. Anything at all! According to recent research, being grateful on a regular basis, can boost your physical and mental health, strengthen relationships, and help us to keep disciplined and focused. A good time to do is in the evening before bedtime. Think of anything positive in your life and say thank you. Sometimes it is a struggle to find something. During some recent training with the Mindfulness Association, we were given an exercise to