Leave no trace

The Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Seafar Wildlife Reserve is one of my favourite places in Cumbernauld to visit. The Trust is working hard to change the structure of the woodlands, helping native trees and wildflowers to flourish in the new light, open spaces. More native trees and flowers means more insects like butterflies and dragonflies, which in turn leads to more

Here be Badgers!

It was a mixed bag for the Wild Ways Well groups last week, the Tuesday group was forced indoors by the heavy rain and freezing conditions, while the Thursday group spent part of its session basking in the sunshine in a woodland clearing! Mother Nature likes keeping us guessing. Looking at my diary, last year at this time we were

Fantastic Fungi

While out with the Wild Ways Well group this Thursday we were lucky enough to come across some amazing fungi in the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Seafar Wood Wildlife Reserve. Each one was the size of a pinhead, and they ranged in colour from brilliant orange to vivid green. Fungi are fascinating, belonging to a Kingdom of Life all of their