The chilling bite of Autumn

Had to dig the winter jacket out the cupboard the other night, boy was it chilly! A crisp autumn evening with clear skies and a smattering of stars heralded the need for gloves, a hat and a hot drink when I returned from my walk. It got me thinking of how wildlife copes with such changes of temperature and the

Wasps… what are they good for?

It’s that time of year again. You might be enjoying a picnic, eating your lunch in the town centre, or relaxing with a cup of tea in the garden. Before long you’ll catch sight of the dreaded black and yellow stripes of a wasp coming to see what you’re up to. A question we’re often asked at this time of

Take a closer look

The spate of heavenly weather we have been having makes getting out for a walk all the more pleasant. Feeling the sun warm on your face and enjoying the tiniest of breezes is pure heaven! On a recent walk I thought I would see how many wildflowers I could spot, to give me a feel for what creating more meadows

Foxes and Cubs

Spring has now well and truly sprung and over at Cumbernauld Living Landscape we are savouring every moment of this blissful time of year. Our Wild Ways Well group has been accomplishing the ‘Take Notice’ part of the 5 Ways To Wellbeing by immersing themselves in the changing cycles of nature. Being mindful of the changes around us is a

Here be Badgers!

It was a mixed bag for the Wild Ways Well groups last week, the Tuesday group was forced indoors by the heavy rain and freezing conditions, while the Thursday group spent part of its session basking in the sunshine in a woodland clearing! Mother Nature likes keeping us guessing. Looking at my diary, last year at this time we were

Wild Ways Well Returns

Cumbernauld Living Landscape’s Wild Ways Well project is back! Thanks to backing from the Green Infrastructure Fund and Transport Scotland we’ll be offering a brand new programme of walks and conservation activities, and of course the essential cup of tea brewed over an outdoor kettle, throughout 2018. Our free Thursday afternoon sessions are open to anyone who feels they might